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Chelsea Fogarty

January 18, 2017

Karen's Jewelers has amazing customer service. My fiancé and I tried many jewelers in the Oak Ridge/Knoxville area from big name jewelers to local mom and pops and Karen's had the best overall experience. If you need help finding the perfect ring setting for a loose stone this is the place to go! They helped me find a great custom fit setting for my engagement stone. The employees are warm and very attentive to everything you say. Jonathan is very patient and really takes the time to bust out all the options and visuals so I really felt like I knew what I was getting.

Michelle Harris

September 18, 2017

Beautiful pieces, great staff, and lay-a-way is still an option!! They're having a gem show this Thursday - Sunday, 9/21/17-9/23/17. Open til 6 Monday - Friday and til 5 on Saturday.

Skye Blu Owen

July 7, 2017

Did a marvelous job on repairing my ring I'm very grateful!

Chyrl Rickard

August 25, 2012

My history with Karen's goes back about 22 years! I know I'm telling my age here but age is just a number. Mrs. Karen Hart was gracious enough to give me my very first job all those years ago. What she and her family gave me was more than just a part time job to a teenager. What I learned from them was so much more and I've carried those things with me all these years! I already knew I was one of those people who would chose quality over quantity. I've always been so drawn to precious gems and stones, from a very early age. Which started with "just plain old rocks and stones" I would find as a child. The impressions, knowledge and care this family left with me are priceless to this day. Karen's is the only place you will find such a personal experience! I know because I saw the dedication and service to their customers/clients behind the scenes and it was the same as it was 'out front'. Each person was and still is treated with respect and a degree of personal experience like no other. So, if you are looking for more than just a jewelry store then your search is over, Karen's is the only way to go! Thank you Karen for giving a teenager a chance and for what your family has taught me. It truly is priceless!